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What is Free Visitor Counter?

A counter web is a computer program that indicates the number of visitors that a determinate page web has received. Once configured, these counters will increase one to one after each visit to the page web. Already you can put a counter of visits in real time in your web. You can select a counter of between a catalogue of more than 30 counters of visits. It selects the most suitable to the design of your page web.

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Easy Installation

It's fast and easy to create your free hit counter. Just select the style and enter some basic web site information such as the URL of your site. This is all it takes to create your account. Install it on your web page by simply copying the HTML code we provide and pasting it into your web page(s) and upload the pages to your website.

Free Visitor Counter in Wordpress

Logo WordspressIf you want to add your free hit counter to your Blog, then open your blog theme, edit sidebar.php or header.php file and add counter code to page. You can also add it in a Text Widget from Wordpress.

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